What is most frustrating after have your App in Apple’s AppStore?

After a long time and getting a sweet little daughter, I will  continue writing this blog. I will share my latest thoughts on several topics regarding iOS and my App MoneyStats, which finally made it into Apple’s AppStore.

MoneyStats IconPlease have a look in the AppStore.

However, even if the app was approved by Apple today (yay), another version was already approved by the beginning of January. Being happy about the approval and the release of the first app, I wanted to see how it looks in the AppStore. A quick search for the former name “MoneyTrails” caused frustration as another company registered a trademark with an extremely similar name just three weeks before approval… So finally I had to revamp the website and worst of all: find a new name. After doing some research, brain storming and much sparring with my wife (who is very critical :lol:), finally the name “MoneyStats” made it as it fits the intention of the app best. I like this name even more than the first one, as the focus of MoneyStats is much more on statistical analysis than “just” on tracking money.

So please, feel free to download the app and follow me on Twitter. I appreciate every feedback and will try to answer all question in time.