Using iOS7? Then MoneyStats V2 is just for you!

Finally after a long time and having used iOS7 for a while getting a feeling for its new design approach for apps, MoneyStats V2 was just released in the AppStore bringing more than just a new design for iOS7.

Of course the new design was one of the major challenges, but I think that the app just got better by adapting the new design. I am eager to get your feedback.

MoneyStats v2 Screenshot

MoneyStats v2

But here is the complete list of changes:

  • Complete Redesign for iOS7
  • New Report Type: Stacked Barchart
  • New Report Type: Line Chart
  • Categories now can have custom colors for a better overview
  • MoneyStats now supports Landscape Mode
  • Improved transaction list overview

The update is free for all current users so go an grab MoneyStats in the AppStore. Due to my lack of time at the moment the app is updated, but the website found at – is still not yet refreshed. However there will be a small overhaul during the holidays, so stay tuned…