MoneyStats finally released on Apple’s AppStore

Finally, after one and a half years of spare time development, MoneyStats was finally approved by Apple and is available in Apple’s AppStore.
MoneyStats is a simple app which allows entering and analyzing your finances – you can even use it to track your budgets.

MoneyStats IconThe main focus of the app is on

  • Easy of Use
  • Fast addition of new transactions
  • Support for powerful recurring transactions
  • Support to generate your custom visual reports

Your data is stored on your device using Apples encryption mechanism where applicable. Your data is not stored on or downloaded to any server, so your data resides on your device.

If you use the password restoration feature, you will receive the password by mail. As no one can guarantee that the password is safe after being sent by mail, you should change your password in the app immediately after having received the password mail.

If would like to share your feedback or suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me on the MoneyStats Website or on Twitter. I will try to answer every question in time.

During the next days i will post some infos and tips regarding MoneyStats features. So stay tuned…