MoneyStats: Booking Date vs. Availability Date

MoneyStats supports adding two dates for every transaction. You can enter a booking date and an availability date.

While the app’s reporting system uses the booking date by default for reports, it will use the availability date if you configure to use the availability date in the app’s settings.

MoneyStats IconNow, what is the purpose of having the two dates?
As the app idea was originally born out of our own need, we have a specific use case, which I wanted to adress. In Germany we get our loans by the end of a month. However, although we get the money by the end of each month, we spend the money in the next calendar month. On on one hand, I want to track when the money was booked, but I also wanted my reports to take the money into account for the next month. In this scenario, I set the booking date to date when the money was received, but the availability date is set to the first day of the next month.

This feature is optional and if you do not want to use it, just ignore the availability date and keep the settings on using the booking date.