Finally a sign of life from MoneyStats


After a very long break, MoneyStats is finally updated. Having really way too little time, this update took much longer than expected.

The changelog this time is:

  • Fixed a bug when iCloud Sync for settings was active
  • Fixed several display errors on newer iOS versions
  • Temporarily removed option to import data from Dropbox (read on to learn why)
  • removed unsafe password retrieval feature
  • Fixed a lot of bugs (what else 😉 )
  • stability improvements
  • Preparation for new upcoming major release

Yes, you are reading right! I am currently preparing a whole new major release of MoneyStats with an all new fresh design and much better functionality! I am currently in the middle of the redesign process so it is too early to show things, but stay tuned… If you have any wishes for the new version, please feel free to contact me.